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Sales and marketing organizations deal with data all day, but often the tools are crude. A spreadsheet is a great way to track a project in the easly stages, but quickly becomes too complex. Off-the-shelf CRM systems are powerful, but often lack the one feature a team needs. The Hathersage Group creates and delivers customized, high-performance workflow systems that drive value while being easy and fun to use.



As an experienced talent agency for freelance software developers, The Hathersage Group matches companies with the technology talent that is most appropriate to accelerate project completion and bring new products to market.



Given the pace of technological and cultural change, organizations must evolve constantly to compete. Scary? Maybe, but the potential for innovation is within your organization already. The Hathersage Group helps break down barriers to change within organizations  and lay the groundwork for lasting success.

The Hathersage group takes its name from Hathersage (pronounced HATH-er-sij), England, the bucolic village that served as the setting for Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. As a child, Hathersage Group President and CTO Francis Potter would visit his grandparents in the beautiful village by the River Derwent and was as mesmerized by the rolling landscape as Bronte had been.

Like the beguiling village after which it is named, the Hathersage Group quickly revealed hidden talents that made it a sought-after destination for the ambitiously creative. Moving beyond team building and app development, the innovative consulting and application development services group bolsters senior leadership at global corporations and smaller businesses alike.

While developing successful apps in Silicon Valley, Potter formed the Hathersage Group to help other developers establish the teams and create the technology that allowed them to make the leap from coding to running a company. In the years since, the Hathersage Group has transformed organizations with technology and built the types of great teams who go on to build great tech.




Hathersage Group President and CTO Francis Potter is a software technologist who “was there when the internet was born,” getting his start as a developer in Silicon Valley back when the internet was being used by a handful of people and the concept of a global community had not yet taken hold. Potter’s experience grew as the internet did - rapidly and internationally. He now has over 20 years’ experience as a software development executive, product strategist and hands-on coder.

Potter has been creating software before personal computers existed, lingering after school in the fourth grade to type up the lines of code he had handwritten in a notebook the night before. At age 16, Potter formed a professional software company and has been delivering reliable, scalable and usable technology ever since.

With clients ranging from international conglomerates to newly funded startups, Potter has elevated companies’ executives, established well-oiled development teams and lead clients to the successful completion of their innovative projects. An established and respected CTO, Potter has applied his expertise to clients fluidly in a variety of fields, including financial services, digital media, adventure sports, retail, consumer products, telecommunications, social media, television and banking.




Graham Neumann is a technology consultant, entrepreneur, software architect and programmer. In his 20-years career, he has worked on projects for a diverse set of clients, including start-ups, game publishers, media companies and large enterprises. Neumann was co-founder and CTO of SpeakLike, a pioneer and market leader in on-demand human translation. He sits on a numerous advisory boards for start-ups as well as non-profits. Neumann still loves to code and remains active as a full-stack web developer, comfortable working across a wide range of frameworks. Neumann holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a B.Sc. in Computer Science.

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Mayrav Saar is a seasoned public relations professional with an expertise in thought leadership and a background in the disparate worlds of medicine, technology, fashion and pop culture/entertainment. After a 20-year career as an award winning journalist, Mayrav parlayed her expertise into an effective and successful thought leadership portfolio. In 2016, she launched Kavanah Communications, a firm dedicated to framing client’s narratives into messages of resonant meaning. Mayrav is based in Los Angeles and has three children, two dogs and one husband.