Transforming Organizations with Technology

The Hathersage Group helps businesses increase revenues, provide better products and services, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and reduce costs through the thoughtful application of innovative digital technology.

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The pace of technological change can be staggering, especially for small business owners and seasoned professionals from other fields. Stop fearing the ivory tower imposed by your tech team. Through a series of workshops and ongoing coaching, we teach the tech people how to be people-people, and vice versa. In the process, we break down the walls to collaboration and enlist the smartest people in your organization to define a fast, workable path toward achieving your organizational goals.


Maybe the strategy and leadership seem right, and you need some help executing. We tap into our extensive network of experienced developers throughout North America to inject the precise tech talent your organization needs. Working locally or remotely, our specialists establish credibility with your staff, address your unique challenges, and help get projects across the finish line quickly, efficiently and expertly.


When you just need a new system to be built, call us. Leveraging our proprietary HGX Framework, we quickly develop and deliver complete data and content management solutions for marketing organizations, financial services companies and innovative startups. With decades of experience, we handle every aspect of application development to turn your innovative vision into your cutting edge product or service.